Team Development Programmes

When we talk about team development, we mean working with a real team that is currently in a new or restructuring stage or is going through a conflict-prone phase. Together, we work through the defined core topics and out of this we come up with a joint realignment; for example, from a conflict within the team, we develop the strength to keep evolving as a team. Another approach to team development is a classic seminar setting, in which the management learns how to develop their own team using a combination of real case examples, theoretical input and an exchange of experiences.

Together with the team, we examine the relevant differences and common ground within the team. We observe the team history and analyse how the present situation occurred. The team patterns show how the team currently functions and the reasons for the present situation. With insight into the purpose of conflicts, a positive transformation and a joint realignment is possible. Here, what’s important is distancing from negative aspects of the past, working out an appropriate conflict structure and creating a shared perspective for the future


  • Group and one-on-one coaching
  • Team exercises (with/without outdoor elements)
  • Constellation work and change of perspective
  • Reflection, self-analysis
  • Techniques for overcoming conflict
  • Working with resources
  • Vision work
  • Theoretical input

Areas of application:

  • Merging of teams
  • Restructuring
  • New task allocation
  • New management
  • Strategic reorientation
  • Conflicts