Stress and Resource Management

All of us are familiar with stress, and this is nothing negative in and of itself. We actually need positive stress in order to continue developing. Permanent stress, however, leads to a restricted perception and is linked to a loss of control. The affected individual, team or organisation is blocked and exhausted when it comes to the usual strategies of action. This impacts performance, and this is why it is important to counteract this or, better yet, to actively prevent this. For this purpose, we offer various seminar designs that can be individually designed and combined according to the needs of the customer.

Resource day for management, employees, teams (small or large groups): the examination of the topic “stress and resource management” takes place with the help of theory input, group work, casework and self-reflection. The prioritisation (see module) is individual and is made under consideration of the respective needs of the client.

Modules covering individual topics  based on  workshops or  presentations that can be individually combined and designed, such as:

  • Stress and burnout prevention (under consideration of personal, relationship, career and societal levels)
  • The influence of the organisation on the stress behaviour of the employees
  • Being aware of resilience factors of the employees/managerial staff/team/organisation – preventative measures for difficult situations
  • Leadership instruments for stress/burnout prevention
  • The art of setting boundaries (dealing with difficult people/situations)
  • Stress and conflict - an “explosive” combination?
  • On finding personal balance
  • The latest findings from stress and burnout research

One-on-one consulting on the topics of stress/burnout prevention and working with resources:

  • Preliminary talk: Defining the coachee’s concerns
  • Identifying the current status: Balance analysis, personal burnout/stress map
  • Agreeing upon target status according to the coachee’s definition
  • Work on changes and define individual further steps, e.g. personal stress intensifiers (motivators, beliefs), working with one’s own values, working with resources, mindfulness, relaxation techniques, movement in general