Conflict Moderation

By conflict, we mean differences that define a company and make it capable of acting. Conflicts are absolutely essential for companies, thus, conflicts in and of themselves are a positive thing. The stress and pressure that people feel in this context are not a result of the conflict itself, but rather of its escalation. This is why our goal in conflict management is to develop a strategy for how to deal with conflict in a positive, non-escalating manner.

This escalation can occur between individuals, departments, larger corporate units, and during separations, fusions, spin-offs etc. Here however, the conflict is only ever the symptom, not the disease itself.

Behind every conflict, therefore, hides a core topic that we identify in preliminary talks with those involved. The “named” conflict is often not the “actual” one.

In a workshop for the next step, along with the people involved, we delve into, for example, the following topics

  • How do challenging situations and conflicts arise?
  • What is the “magic” of the conflict?
  • How do I recognise such situations in time, and how can I prevent conflict?
  • What personal conflict strategies do I have, and how effective are they?
  • Conflicts as a significant element of learning
  • Working with differences
  • A meaningful approach to conflicts and their solutions

The benefits of professional conflict moderation are manifold:

  • Comprehension of reasons for the emergence of conflicts
  • Constructive approach to conflicts
  • Conflicts become resolvable
  • Differences can be utilised in a constructive way
  • Counteracting escalation
  • Resources are saved and not expended on conflicts
  • Constructive conflict resolution strategies can be applied in the future