Organisational and Personnel Development

Organisational and Personnel Development focuses on the (re)structuring and (new) development of organisations. In this process, the methods are applied in such a way that a focused and controlled change process of the organisation and its employees can be initiated.

The goals and measures are oriented towards the individual situation of the organisation. For example, the following goals can be realised:

  • The company has a clear, consolidated identity
  • The goals of the company are clear and are pursued by the employees with a high degree of motivation
  • The employees work enthusiastically towards the secure and stable future of the company
  • The name of the company carries positive connotations for the employees and they project this positive image outwards
  • The superbly specialised individualists of the company also get the maximum potential out of their strengths as a team
  • Networks have formed among the employees that can be used to the advantage of the company
  • Various cultures have fused to form a strong and stable company culture
  • The employees of the company recognise their perspectives and draw motivation from this
  • The employees become aware of their creative freedom within the company and successfully utilise it
  • The atmosphere in the company has changed. It is evident that the employees are pulling together
  • The employees appreciate the benefits of their (new) workplace
  • Great emphasis is put on self-empowerment