Training Course for Systemic Constellation Work

Constellation work is an excellent method of receiving information about the causes of problems within systems, such as in a family or a company, in a short time frame.

By assigning individuals as representatives of a system within a particular scope, valuable cues can be obtained concerning their emerging perceptions of central themes and dynamics of that particular system In constellations, solutions are also obtained  and it is possible to find out how best to make use of those solutions in the future.

This is why KICK OFF has designed a training course that does this need justice. The training course for constellation work is characterised by offering a solid theoretical basis on topics such as system laws, the field, symptoms; it reflects one’s own attitude as the constellation leader and also offers a broad spectrum of diverse constellation techniques combined with a great deal of practical experience. After completing the training, the graduates of this course can lead constellations themselves, not only with people but also with other elements such as figures, chairs and so on.

The next training course begins on 1st March 2018.

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