Training as a Business Coach | Coaching Training Course

Complex business and decision-making situations require coaches who are proficient in a variety of methods for analysing situations and preparing adequate solutions together with the coachee. It’s all about transforming problems into solutions.

Since the year 2000, KICK OFF has been offering training to become a business coach. This training is characterised by its method diversity, practical orientation and intensive self-reflection. In 2017, we will be going into our 13th round. Approximately 180 people have already completed this training with KICK OFF.

What can be said about our training in general is that we are not “purists” when it comes to theory. The approaches and method diversity in coaching are so extensive that we cannot and do not wish to limit ourselves to just one discipline. In our decades of experiences as coaches, we have tried a lot. We are happy to pass on the essence of our most successful and practical approaches, which we use continuously, to our training course  participants. Some of our priority areas are: systemic approach and constructivist thinking, constellation work, psychodrama, NLP, transaction analysis, stress and crisis, trancework, intercultural themes, group dynamics, structuring of changes, etc. 

The next session will start on 21st March 2019.

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Information and registration: Eva Fuchs |, 01-710 78 54-14