Coaching is a special form of individual, team or group consultation that facilitates systematic reflection on professional activities, in particular for people in management or leadership capacities. The main focus is always on the customer, the project or the individual work task. Using specific questioning techniques among other methods, the coach helps the coachee to develop their own solution by themselves.

The topics of the coaching are created as a result of the coachee’s relevant questions. These range from leadership and decision making situations, to solving conflicts or obstructive patterns, all the way to developing operational competences.

Alongside special questioning techniques, additional methods are also implemented in the coaching sessions. We work with constellations, reframing, personality parts, role play, bodywork, ground anchors, creative techniques, time-line work and much more.

The coaching process is a learning process that heightens awareness of one’s own resources and abilities and strengthens the coachee’s self-responsibility. This process promotes development of problem-solving skills and optimises the capacity for self-reflection.

Along with individual coaching sessions, group and team coaching sessions are becoming increasingly important. Here, it is not the individual person, but rather multiple people and their particular dynamics and communication that are the central focus of the process. The goals of a team coaching session are usually strengthening the team or solving conflicts.