Talent and Motivation Analysis®

Studies have shown that simple, unsupported assessments of employees and applicants often lead to bad decisions being made. This is in particular due to the fact that candidates generally present a better, more “optimised” version of themselves and display the desired social behaviour, or also see through the real reason behind certain questions. To do away with these inaccuracies, the Talent and Motivation Analysis® (TMA) was developed. With the help of an interactive method, the emotional balance, the talents and the motives of the candidates are determined. TMA differs from other analysis methods such as the classic psychological test in that it focuses on the “true” talents of an individual.

Using an online scientific questionnaire, TMA analyses the foundation of human behaviour - the talent structure. Building upon this, target talents and competencies can be compared with the candidates’ profiles, and corresponding development programmes can be established based on the results. By comparing development, TMA supports the measurability of development measures.

Additional development steps/measures can be derived from this:

  • Team analysis, ideal profile and matching modules
  • Competence managers
  • Competence analyses (360° / 90° / 0° feedback)
  • Capacity analyses


  • Supportive tool in selection processes, training, career choice, career development, etc.
  • Candidate report with concrete formulations and advice, including interview questions for the candidates
  • High-quality, reliable advice on qualities and personality
  • Candidates’ development potential can be evaluated