Communication and Stress Profile According to PCM

The Process Communication Model® (PCM) is a communication model that describes various personality types and that visualises the specific behavioural, communication and stress patterns that go along with this.

By means of an online questionnaire the individual personality structure is identified. There are various archetypes that have very specific strengths and weaknesses and that exhibit unproductive behaviour under stress. This means that in communication processes, each individual follows their very specific, typical pattern. This makes behaviour predictable and manageable.

Anybody who wants to lead and motivate people or who wishes to inspire change, has to adapt to their partners in conversation, they must identify their own personality type and needs in addition to being able to touch upon these using the right communication channel. This is why PCM demonstrates options to everyone for reacting appropriately to productive behaviour and avoiding miscommunication. This makes PCM a very innovative instrument, because not only does it consider the content (what?) when dealing with others, but also improves their capability for interaction (how?).

With PCM, one gets to know oneself and one’s own patterns of behaviour better, while also learning to better understand others. Thanks to this new insight, a new quality develops when interacting with each other, and in this way, conflicts can be solved respectfully in personal as well as professional environments. This also strengthens personal resources for healthy stress management.


  • Valuable self-reflection
  • Increase in the quality of cooperation thanks to the identification of specific character strengths
  • Improvement of interpersonal relationships
  • Reduction of stress in daily cooperation
  • Efficient leadership behaviour
  • Prevention of burnout
  • Successful organisation of teamwork
  • Goal-oriented motivation of employees