Potential Audit

The potential audit is an analysis tool with which the individual resources of an employee can be precisely defined. In a distinctly structured conversation, the strengths and learning areas of a person can be identified in detail. It is a strengths-based instrument that places value on the individual and their potential.

The result of the potential audit is a detailed written report in which the individual values and beliefs are laid out, together with the topics previously defined with the employer with their strengths, limits and development areas.

The areas of application are diverse:

  • Instrument for incentive in personnel development
  • Selection aid in recruiting
  • Career planning for management staff and employees at all levels
  • Assessment of the current development needs of employees, teams and managers
  • Basis for the selection of individual advanced training measures
  • First step in organisational development processes
  • Basis for coaching or outplacement processes

The potential audit offers the following benefits:

  • Efficient application of human resources: The employer is familiar with the strengths and resources of the employees.
  • Optimisation of training and advanced education measures: The employer is familiar with the strengths and resources of the employees, allowing them to arrange for personalised further education measures
  • The interviewee receives immediate feedback and thereby also a valuable comparison of self and external image
  • Motivation of the employees by making hidden resources and learning fields visible
  • Employees’ retention thanks to active participation in individual development steps