Management Audit

The management audit is a combination of several elements and serves to ascertain the resources and learning fields of managers in the top management levels. The elements are variable, which means that they can be precisely adjusted to suit the current needs of the customer system. This represents an exclusive course of action, and is carried out through one-on-one sessions at the highest levels. The management audit is a strengths-based instrument that places value on the individual. Various building blocks can be freely combined in a management audit. This ensures the precise adaptation to the relevant needs of the customer system.

The following elements are possible:

  • Potential audit (details)
  • PCM analysis (details)
  • Role play
  • On-the-job observations
  • Business simulations etc.

The areas of application are diverse:

  • Identification of participants for trainee programmes
  • Advanced development of existing managerial groups
  • Foundation for cultural development and change processes
  • Survey of social behaviour in specific groups
  • Expansion of areas of responsibility

The management audit offers the following benefits:

  • Assessment of the current development needs and potential of managerial staff
  • Observation of behaviour in challenging situations
  • The group dynamic is made transparent
  • The combination of various challenges adds different perspectives
  • Focused observation of self, time and stress management is made possible
  • Direct comparison of different candidates