Cultural Analysis

The culture of a company is unique. It includes all traits, behaviour patterns and practices of an organisation that either make the organisation successful, or stand in the way of its progress. Cultural analyses, therefore - as a basis for targeted cultural changes - meaningfully highlight the effects that the customs and traditions have on the competitiveness of a company. To not just describe the culture of a company, but to also provide starting points for its change, in our analyses we also identify the operating principles and more profound reasons for the existing patterns.

Since a company culture has an incalculable variety of manifestations, it is absolutely necessary to define the topics to be examined together with the client before all else. To do so, we form a steering group in the company, with which we delimit the present issues, define the planned goals and specify precisely what manifestations of the culture we will survey. To give an example, these key areas can be the leadership or conflict behaviour , communication and working processes, the consequence and responsibility culture and many more.

We work chiefly in semi-structured, qualitative interviews with a time frame of approx. 1 hour per employee. Depending on the depth of the analysis, we also take into consideration the results from potential existing employee surveys, and carry out shadowing, customer surveys, organisation constellations and more.

The areas of application are diverse:

  • Fusion of two companies
  • Existing simmering cultural differences in various company divisions
  • Optimisation of work processes
  • Discrepancies between defined and experienced culture
  • Sudden strong company growth
  • Change to the leadership culture due to replacement
  • Preparation for organisation development

The end result is a summary of the results in a qualitative report in which all defined topics with their impacts and reasoning are clarified.