Assessment Center

The Assessment Center (AC) is a selection process for choosing a suitable individual from a pool of candidates.

The qualities to be evaluated are specified in advance together with the client. These can be, for example, resistance to stress, leadership behaviour, goal orientation, conflict behaviour etc. Accordingly, various tasks in which the desired qualities can be observed are compiled in the AC. The candidates work on these tasks while being observed by a group of assessors. This is how the personal behaviour patterns, values, motivations and goal-setting for a particular demand are analysed in the AC. Using a criteria list, the individual candidates are evaluated and ranked by the observers.

In the AC, several applicants are assembled into groups. The individual strengths and learning areas are tested with regards to context, and the impressions are reported immediately through feedback. The combination of dynamic group exercises, presentations and behavioural and work tasksfound in the AC is adjusted to suit the working reality of the clients.

The ability to learn immediately is a central objective of our assessment workshops. Furthermore, values and beliefs are established among candidates, through which the motivations for their behaviour can be analysed.

Possible areas of application are:

  • Selection AC: this is where a decision for or against a candidate is made. The more subjective impressions the observers provide, the more objective results can be expected. The selection AC is a selection guide for recruiting, internal succession, trainee programmes and similar processes.
  • Development AC: Here there are only winners, not competition. This is about reinforcing strengths and identifying an individual’s specific development requirements. This makes the development AC an important instrument in personnel development.


  • Specific deciding criteria is created
  • This allows a clear decision to be made for a specific individual
  • Decisions become transparent and thereby also explainable
  • Delivery of important information for further development steps