16 Jun

Constellation day

What is special about this seminar is the possibility of optional additional guidance and support before and after the constellation (during the seminar). This is carried out by Klaus Mathis - Lingosomatic coach.

Next dates:   01.09. l 20.10. l 01.12.


Schloss Gumpoldskirchen
/ Person

The benefit of systemic constellations

  • Information: Within a short space of time, relevant information and cues regarding central aspects and dynamics in systems / families is obtained.
  • Hypotheses testing: Anticipation and testing of hypotheses and planned measures - this often leads to important, long-term impetus for solutions.
  • Problem-solving: An effective method to obtain information about the relationships and efficacy of a system, and to find solutions for the problems contained therein.
  • Making the system perceptible: By placing all important instances, people and forces of a system that are relevant for the issues within a defined space, the joint relations between these elements is very succinctly made visible, audible and perceptible.
  • Phenomenon of "representing perception": The constallation with people takes places using represenatives. Here, the phenomenon of "representing perception" occurs among the representatives, by this we mean: the representatives of relationship structures of a designated system is illustrated by differences in the physical sensations of the representatives.


Seminar leader: Luzia Fuchs-Jorg

Prices (incl. VAT): Personal constellation € 275,00 / Reprensentative € 85,00

Info and registration: Eva Fuchs | eva.fuchs@kick-off.at, 01-710 78 54-14

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